Renée Arnold

Eyecatchers made from rough gemstones

Renée Arnold-201.jpg

Renée Arnold designs and creates jewelry from rough gemstones. Her workshop and store in the center of Laren have a wonderful ambiance. Through her unconventional designs combining the gems with materials like matted gold and silver, leather strings and pearls, Renée has created a very distinctive and powerful style.


Besides Renée’s own Laren-based workshop, her jewellery collection is also available from the following stores:


Because the jewelry is created and sold on the spot, Renée’s workshop has an artisan ambiance. It’s inspiring to see Renée use her passion to create a no-nonsense but very stylish collection.

Renée loves the imperfection of the rough stones. The organic shapes form the basis of her collection. The inspiration arises from the stones itself.


Renée Arnold in the press:

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